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The best day for you
Is the whole year
1st April…
Because that’s the day
That suits you best. .


If people says you are crazy, be patiend.
if they say you are monkey, relax.
if they say you are stupid,be cool but
if they say you are

He took me from a bar,
He took me in his car,
He took my top off,
He puts his lips on mine,
but don”t worry,
“I”m a bottle of

A mind, like a home,
is furnished by its owner,
so if ones life is cold and bare
he can blame none but himself.

U r one of d CUTEST persons in this world!! just a second, don’t misunderstand me.
CUTE means: Creating Useless Troubles Everywhere……..

Anewala Kal Tumhara Hai…Tumhara Tha…Tumhara Hi Rhega…Us pr Tumhara Hi Haq hai…Socho Kyon?
…Kyuki kal 1st APRIL Hai…

Gulab Ka FOOL bago me khil raha hai,
Chameli ka FOOL chaman me mahek raha hai,
Kamal ka FOOL pani me tair raha hai,
Aur APRIL ka FOOL mera sms

1st April ko logo ko fool banane k 5 tarike….

Ye pahela tha..

Baki 4 agle saal!

Happy fools day.

Tu thi paas tab tha ek bahana jeene ka,
Ab tu nahi to is jeendegi ko bhi khair jeena kya!
Ab to teri yadon mein hi hai mashgul hum,….
Khair woh

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