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Words r Under Ur Control Once U Speak Them
But U Come Under Their Control Once U Speak Them

Forget Your Own Sadness By Creating
A Little Happiness For Others,,
Bcoz When You Are Good To Others
You Are Best To Yourself !!

Tip of the day:
Always keep Your pic in Your pocket, u know y?
Whenever u face any problem
just c Your pic & say 3 times,
“if I can face this, I can face anything”

Only true friends stand by u
during bad times.
I promise
I will attend Your wedding.

Newtons Universal Law Of Love:

Every boy on earth is attracted towards a girl
with a force directly proportional to the figure of the girl
Inversely proportional to strength of her brother..!!

“We can’t afford to wait
The storm has passed.
We must learn to work in rain”

Erasers are for people who make errors.
But a better saying:
Erasers are for people willing to correct their mistakes.

Nobody Can Touch Words,
But Words Do Touch Everybody..
We Are The Master of Our Unspoken Words,
And Slave of Our Spoken Words..!

You can tell more about a person
by what he says about others
you can by what others say about him.

  • Tory commented on

    Roses Are Famous For Grace

    "hahahh what a poetry.. "

  • zoya commented on

    Always A Reason To Smile

    "Intresting SMS "

  • rubina commented on

    Life Isnt Rehearsal

    "So True!! "

  • Ali commented on

    We R Others 4 Someone Else

    "achi effort hai keep it up! "