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It’s time to mark a very special day in the date book! Fathers’ Day is just a weeks away, Fathers’ Day is observed on the 3rd Sunday of June ever year. It is the day set away to give more respect to fathers everywhere, on the wonderful occasion of father’s day you can share your views and more fun with your dad, proves that how much he means to you. Here are a wide range of Fathers Day poems, fathers day SMS, father’s day wishes and father’s day quotes at It’s up to you to write it to your own card, or choose what fits your dad best.

Father is probably the most competitive
relationship within the family,
but once the Father is given true love,
it becomes the strongest relationship

Pay My Regards To Ur Father
Who Is Tolerating Such A Dumb Duffer Child,
What A Stamina He Has Got..
I Salute Ur Father:p

Happy Father’s day

A race horse that consistently
runs just 1 second faster
than others is worth millions of dollars more.
Don’t compromise on 2nd position in life.

Life is more strict than a teacher
A teacher teaches a lesson
and takes an exam.
But life takes an exam
and then teaches a lesson.

Happy Father’s Day SMS

There are two types of people who are failures in life. ..
Those who do not listen to anybody and
those who listen to everybody…

Success isn’t a matter of being d best
& winning d race.
Success is a matter
of handling d worst
& still finishing d race.

Happy Fathers Day 2013

The Audience see a Joker As A Joker,

But the Joker Sees Himself
As a Performer.

No Matter What Others Think about U,
Its your Life, Just Go On With Confidence.

Dad, your guiding
hand on my shoulder
will remain with me forever.

Happy Father’s Day

Being a great father is like shaving.
No matter how good you shaved today,
you have to do it again tomorrow.

Happy Fathers Day!

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    Dad You are Never Wrong

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    Life Is More Strict Than A Teacher

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    A Place Just For Dad

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    What Makes a Dad

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    Happy Fathers Day

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