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Sun rested in the west.
Birds returned 2 the nest.
Roads are turning quiet.
Moon is glittering bright.
I wish u a sweet & wonderful night.

Night Is A Theater,
Dream Is A Movie,
God Is The Director,
Nature Is The Producer,
U R The Hero, “Enjoy”
The Night With Sweet Dreams

Tiny stars shining bright,
Its time 4 me 2 say good night,
So close ur eyes N snuggle up tight,
I’m wishing u sweet dreams tonight!

“MOØN” is upset and “SUN” is happy ‘Bcoz’

“MOON” is going 2 miss “U”


“SUN” is waiting to see “U”

So,Have a sweet and lovely NIGTH

Touch Your Heart,
Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish
Say Good Night.

As Night Falls upon the Land
It is time to Sleep Again
With the Moon I am Here
to Wish You Good Night

I Wish Moon always be full & Bright
and you always be cool & right,
Whenever you go to switch off the Light,
Remember that I am Missing you & Wishing You
Good Night

Bitter truth of life..
Every desired thing in life is
either illegal,
invalid or COMMITTED….

Night comes with great feelings of
love, sacrifice, care and pleasures
specially you receive text from your
love one and you close your eyes
with beautiful smile
and he / her is on your mind..;-)
Have a lovely Good Night!

  • nicky commented on

    Night is the nice gift

    "hmmm Good night Every one "

  • Shahzaib commented on

    You are the reason why I have

    "I can’t sleep without saying goodnight "

  • Shegi commented on

    Night is the nice gift

    "Good Night….. "

  • jamesmiht commented on

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    "Good night Friends "

  • taimoor commented on

    As a Day Turns Into Night

    "Very Nice "

  • Billy commented on

    Whenever Wherever Ill Be There For You

    "Really Love u my Sweetheart.. "