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Trust me, you are the one,
Whom my eyes seek,Whom my heart
Whom my destiny wants,Whom my
mind reminds me of,
Whom my life I’ll sold, Whom I really
depend on,
Whom I wake up for each and every
Whom I love more than anything,
More than anyone, and
I will do whatever it takes to have you
in my arms forever..!!

New style of proposing a girl:
I have spent many sleepless nights in ur love,
I don’t want my son to do the same 4 your daughter,
So lets make them brother & sister.

A Simple But Great Quotation..:
Don’t Trust Your Heart..
Because Its Not On The Right Side..;-)

They told me I could do anything
if I put my mind into it. Yet no matter
how hard I try in all that I do,
I just can’t take my mind off you

I hope dat u finally understand,
dat I will luv u until d end,
bcoz ur not just my girl,
u r also my best frnd!

I can’t make People Value me.
All I can do is show them who I am,
What I Feel,
And What I believe in.

It’s up to them to Realize my

They say not to change yourself for someone you love, but if they’re worth it, you will do anything it takes to be with them.

If there’s one thing i know for sure, It’s that I’ll love you even when you forget that i do!
is all about forgiveness and understanding.

There is no fear in Love,
if the Love is real and perfect it overshadows all fears and Concern.

Love is not what you can receive
it’s all about what you can give.

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    Love War And Life

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    A Simple But Great Quotation

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