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You’re true hero of my life,
You’re so caring for my life,
With you I’m safe and happy,
With you my world starts and ends,
I thank god for giving

Hold me in you arms tight,
and never let go.
Sometimes we many fight,
but my love for you is hard not to
When I see you, I’m

Romance is when you walk on streets and smile..

You dance alone in your room..

You wait for someone’s call before falling asleep.
You expect

The most romantic country of the world..?
O yes! it’s Pakistan
u know y?
Because All night Candle Night Dinner

I love my eyes when u look into them
I love my name when u say it
I love my heart when u love it
I love my life when u are in it

I MISS U are 3 words,
But take 3 seconds to read,
3 minutes to think,
3 hours to understand,
3 days to demonstrate,
3 weeks to explain and whole

I wanna hold you close
Under the rain

I wanna kiss your smile
And feel the pain

I know what’s beautiful, Looking at you.
In a world of

Girl – who is most romantic girl 4 U
Boy- you are the second most romantic girl I have ever seen
Girl- who is first
Boy- when you looking into my

Soft music around us,
Love in the air,
Lights are dim,
I am with him…
I LOVE HIM…..!!!

  • Mohabbat jan commented on

    I Wanna Hold You Close

    "I really Miss you "

  • usman commented on

    Khreed Skta Hoon

    "nice poetry! "

  • Reema commented on

    Khreed Skta Hoon

    "Kia bat hai janab "