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How do you recognize a Sardar in School?
He is the one who erases the notes from
the book when the teacher erases the board.

How can a Sardar Kill a Lion ?
Sardarji thinks N thinks hard
comes to a conclusion:
I’ll drink poison n let lion eat me.

A sardar goes to a restaurant
and his cell phone rings.
Wife: How are you?

Surprised Sardarji:Oji I am fine but
how did you know where I was?

2 Sardars looking at an Egyptian mummy.

Sardar1:Look so many bandages,
pakka truck accident case hai.

Sardar2: Aaho,
truck number bhi likha hay, BC-1760

A Teacher lecturing on population -
In India after Every 10 sec a
woman gives birth to a kid.

A Sardar stands up-
we must find & stop her!.

Teacher: “I killed a person”
convert this sentence into future tense.
Sardar: The future tense is “u will go to jail”.

A sardar went to Pizza Hut.
There he ordered a Pizza.

The Waiter asked him:
Sir shell I cut it into 4 pieces or 8 pieces.

Sardar replied:
O 4 hi le aa yaar,
8 to nahin khaye jayein gay

Taxi driver to sardar:-

Sardar ji petrol khatam ho gaya ha gaddi agay nahi ja rahi

sardar: Koi gal nahi gaddi piche lelo

Sardar’s Leave application

Dear Sir,
My wife is ill.
As there is no other Husband
in the family to look after her,
Kindly grant me leave for one day.

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