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Shopping is impressive way we do all the time but what we actually do when we go “shopping” For most of us “shopping” means a pleasurable outing to the shops, to the shopping mall, lane strip shopping, its fun and leisure time. gives the opportunity; send latest shopping sms, shopping text messages, sms, shopping sms funny, shopping business ideas, shopping jokes, shopping sms messages.

All say that love is more important than money..

Have u ever tried paying ur bill with a hug.. ? ?

Why Girls Live Longer Than Boys?
Scientific Studies Have Proved That
Never Causes HEART ATTACKS, But,

Judge: why r u arrested?
Sardar: for shopping early?
Judge: well, that’s not a crime,
anyway how early were u shopping?

Sardar: before opening the shop…..:p

SHOPPING Is Always More Fun
You’re Spending Someone Else’s Money
Instead Of Your Own

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