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The Happiness Of Going Cattle Farm(Mandi)….
The Scene Of Jumping Cows 4rm Trucks…
The Jingling Sounds Of Running Cows @ Chand Raat…
The Echoing Sounds Of Lowing Cows(Bauuuuuuunnn) …..
The Crowd Of People Around The Slaughtering Cow…
The Excitement Of Distributing Slaughtered Meat ….
The Enticing Aroma Of Barb-que From Tarris….all These Memories R Revisiting This Eid
I Wish An Exultant Nd Exciting Eid 2 You N Your Family……!!

un AIENO se kab tak dil behlao ge,

Jab koi nahi ho ga to khud ko TANHA pao ge,

Methi EID to chalo guzar gayi lakin,

Wada karo Bakra EID pay zaro0r nahao ge!

Kash tu mera Bakra hota
Main tujay Ghass
Khilata or pyar se tere seengh
Hilata or
Poochta pagal
Tu ya Main ??
Or tu piyaar se Bolta
Main Main…………………..

May ur plate of life be always full of juicy kababs
& tikkas, topped with the chutney of happiness.

With best wishes:-):-):-)

Custome: Ye Bakra kitne ka hai?
Salesman: 500 Rs.
Customer: Itna sasta
Salesman: China ka hai….
Koi gurantee nahi, ho sakta hai kal bhonkna shroo kar de