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What is the Colour of Frequency?

Ans: Purple



means 1/sec

1sec = Ek Pal
1/Pal= Per Pal

Per Pal= PURPLE..!

Wife: i hate that beggar.
Husband: y?
Wife: yesterday i gave him food today he gave me a book ” how to cook” !!

Mr.Bean Science
Major Rohail:
I was stuck in ELEVATOR for 3 hrs
Due to electric failure

Ya me too
I was stuck on ESCALATOR for 5 hrs

If I had a camera
I’ll snap every your movement
Every smile
Every actions
And keep in my
House to scare all ghosts.

Romance Mathematics
Smart Man + Smart Woman = Romance
Smart Man + Dumb Woman = Affair
Dumb Man + Smart Woman = Marriage

When Someone Touches You
And You Don’t Feel It,
Its Ignorance.

When Someone Touches You
And You Feel It,
Its Love.

But When Nobody Touches You
But You Feel It, Then Its Khujli ….

Three Reasons to Give Exams:

1- You can spend 3 hours in self-medication
2- You can complete your sleep
3- You can see your teacher being bore who normally bores you

aik pathan masjid se chappal chratey huye  pakra gaya…
molvi sahab…
isne chappal churai hai isko ganja karo…
ye aik chappal wapas lelo or foji cutting kardo………….

aik pathan ko resturant main bohat zor se paad aya usne socha k music bohat ooncha hai to usne  paad  mardia .

or halaat behtar hogaye…jab uski coffi khatam hogai to usne dekha k har koi ussey ghor ghor se dekh raha hai..